Production & Capabilities

Production & Capabilities & More

Stephen Hamilton built his career on a passion for showcasing food in a natural and enticing style, always pushing the envelope in pursuit of honest, authentic imagery that heightens taste appeal across all categories. He loves the integrated, sensory approach to food as it allows him to expand the visual story and bring food to life. And this is how he does it …


Everyone wants their shoot to go smoothly and the whole process streamlined from beginning to end. We are flexible and can shoot stills one day and broadcast the next, or packaging on one set and stills and social assets on the second.

Our 360° Approach

Our full-circle concept is to provide everything our clients need photographically–all under one roof.

Our experienced Executive Producer, Deirdre O’Shea, our staff and our studio allow us to approach each clients’ needs with an eye toward creative problem-solving. Whatever the constraints, our production team will devise strategies that deliver stunning results on budget, on brand and on target.

Multiple studio areas allow us to make the most of clients’ time, capturing motion and still images simultaneously or constructing side-by-side shoots. Our versatile, spacious interior makes it the rare studio that can accommodate multiple sets, multiple shoots and even multiple clients simultaneously. Two studios offer entirely separate kitchens (3), conference rooms and entrances. Or they can be combined for one large shoot across multiple sets.

360 approach


We know that it’s a content hungry world out there and we are here to deliver on your vision. Beyond that, our goal is to capture real, authentic food on set and leave as little to post-production as possible

We’ll help create integrated campaigns that deliver cohesive, inviting content across film, stills, video, digital, OLV, editorial, social content, outdoor and print advertising, right down to stop motion.

Stills & Tabletop

Shooting stills and tabletop are where Stephen honed his craft and reputation.

At the studio we use the Phase One Camera System for stills, which has uncompromising digital image quality and exceptional color. That combined with Broncolor Lighting and Stephen’s natural, warm daylight lighting approach means images require little to no retouching or color correction.


The digital world has exploded with every kind of image movement you can think of (until now). We have the capabilities to help you build them all: film, video, broadcast, stop-motion, how-to demos, OLV and cinemagraphs. Plus, we’ll help you with the editing.

When Stephen shoots motion, he always applies his philosophy that food should be beautifully flawed. Less is more in terms of perfect styling and more is more in terms of exploration.