Behind the Scenes

Our versatile facilities offer an integrated and comprehensive approach to any size production. Covering over 6,000 square feet of three studios, we can easily capture a brand’s image from a consistent 360˚ point of view. This allows larger projects to simultaneously shoot motion, still photography and to test shoot or prep for multi day shoots. Our premises are also designed to flow so that Steve can oversee all active sets to maintain consistent direction.

Natural day light is perhaps the most important asset. Expansive wrap-around windows offer not only ideal conditions for food and beverage cinematography, but provide direct views of the Chicago skyline and the restaurant-centric West Loop neighborhood.

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Studio Prop Room

The studio’s 4,000 square foot prop room offers clients a wealth of resources. Choose from hundreds of surfaces, and thousands of dishes, plates, bowls, flatware, napkins, and other accessories — all available without a rental fee. Easy access to the prop room during shoots provides flexibility in swapping out surfaces or textures.

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Kitchen Studio

The studio’s three kitchens are food preparation areas that can also act as settings for recipe photos and how-to videos. One commercial kitchen and two residential” kitchens — one white, one gray — eliminate the need for expensive kitchen set-building for still and video shoots. A moveable kitchen island adds further flexibility.

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Production Approach

Stephen Hamilton Productions’ versatile, spacious interior makes it the rare studio that can accommodate multiple sets, multiple shoots, and even multiple clients simultaneously. Two studios offer entirely separate kitchens, conference rooms, and entrances, or they can be combined for one large shoot across multiple sets. The main studio space can house four sets with two shooters, while the second studio space can house two sets.

During motion shoots, the main studio can accommodate the set while the second space becomes a client lounge and craft services studio. For clients with video and still needs, motion shoots occur in the main studio while still shoots occur at the same time in the secondary studio — an efficient use of space that saves clients’ time and money.

No matter the configuration, the airy, naturally lit space offers a range of lounge and conference spaces for clients’ use.

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Remote Shoots

Our team is staffed and ready to work with you through remote approvals, should the need arise.

Stills Capabilities

We are set up with Zoom, Google Hangouts, and Skype for remote access to still photoshoots. Zoom has been the most successful for us as we are able to live stream two sets simultaneously. With this set up, the client has a drop-down option to view set 1 or set 2. Prior to the shoot date, we work with the agency or client to confirm who will be on set” all day via Zoom. Once the team is in place, the shoot proceeds as normal. There are no additional fees for remote approvals.

Motion Capabilities

We can stream directly from camera output or VTR playback system via a software program, allowing the agency or client to view the shoot. Anyone can check out this stream from their phone or laptop throughout the shoot.

Why it works

Stephen Hamilton Production has always been about producing beautiful and quality work for our clients. We have a stellar team including a producer and photographers who are in constant communication prior to the shoot. We pre-light, set up sets, and shoot props to ensure approval of sets prior to shoot date. The same care and attention to detail goes in every shoot from preproduction to final approvals. Our producer coordinates with the agency or client and crew to ensure every aspect of the shoot is discussed prior to its execution.

What do we need from the Agency/Client prior to shoot / day of shoot?

  • List of Zoom attendees and mobile numbers prior to shoot date
  • Alignment on sets (lighting, props, shoot details) prior to shoot date
  • Most critically, remote agency/client attendance the day of the shoot to provide review and approvals; delays in receiving approval from the agency or client team may incur overtime costs.